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The term “Tantra” has been around for millennia and can have many definitions.  It has its root in Hinduism and Buddhism, and literally means “a weaving”, or “a practice, a system.”  More recently, it has become a bit of a buzzword, and some have referred to it as the “yoga of ecstasy.”  For me, Tantra means "oneness."  Oneness within yourself first, and then experiencing oneness with another person.  And I believe it is not merely technique, but being in connection which is where we find the most pleasure.

A Daka is a healer, a male Dakini.  My practice as a Daka is to remain present and grounded for you, to be an objective sounding board and facilitator for your growth.  I utilize the sensual and erotic energy that is in you to address any blocked energy (traumas) that may exist; and to expand pleasure and positive energy.  The aim is for you to have greater access to pleasure within your body and a cleaner, chakra-balanced system free of energetic debris.


I teach classes, work with couples, and give private healing sessions where we work with your energy directly. 

I offer a free 15m consultation so we can determine what is the best approach for you based on your goals and desires.  


Call or Text me to schedule your free consultation: 424-274-1579

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