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What clients say

"Guy graduated at the top 3% of his class and has shown extraordinary skill as both an educator and healer in the Tantra arts.  I recommend him to you with great confidence."

--Charles Muir, President & Director of Studies, Source School of Tantra Yoga


Curious about how a Tantra Session can benefit you?  Read the client testimonials below.  


You can also read 2 professional reviews:


"Guy has an incredible ability to create a safe space so you can let your vigilance down. He then helps you navigate through the spots where you hold trauma in your body so you can release it and feel pleasure. He is equally masterful in walking the fine line between holding a safe and professional space while simultaneously creating a field of sensuality and approval that draws out even those who feel retracted in their sex." –Heather (New York, NY)


"Profound and liberating.  He took care to create a safe container while giving me the freedom to express all my internal fears. He is kind and fun. His masculine energy is powerful during session.  Definitely an experience I recommend to woman looking to reconnect with themselves and completely trust male energy again."

–Mercedes (Mexico City, MX)


"The clarity I received in just a few hours about myself and my body were answers I have been looking for since my early childhood. For so long, I could not believe I would ever enjoy intimate relations again, but after my session I am more than optimistic about my sexual future. Thank you cannot describe the gratitude in my heart." –Whitley (Big Sur, CA) 


“I experienced for the first time the possibility of what receiving could be like for me as a woman when I was handled by a man with mastery level skills. I felt so well held by Guy and I realized how much more is possible for me in my ability to connect and experience intimacy.”

–Veronica (New York, NY)


“I started with a very clear intention, that I may drop into my yin. Now let me tell you, I have a lot of yang, so for this elusive yin to arise, it would take a very strong individual to hold it. Guy was the first and only daka to bring this out! I felt AMAZING! The energy I felt moving through me was all pervasive and expansive.  I had heard from a few of my friends that my walk, my talk, my dress - my whole appearance had changed after our session. It truly gave me the direct experience that I was searching for…”

–LV (Madison, WI)


“I booked an appointment with Guy on a whim. I knew I needed something. I went to him with some prior openings to my sex, through OM and another Tantra session. But working with Guy, was unique in that, he provided the space for me to be fully present in my body. It brought out a vast array of powerful emotions I had been keeping down. Intense flares of rage and anger that had been under the wraps of my good catholic girl. Pleasure, juicy, erotic, holy, sweetness and goodness. It brought up the opportunity to own more of my power, simply for being human; simply for being woman. 

After our third session, that’s when I really felt a true integration of my divinity in my body. There was a piece that was missing; the Union. The union of my heart and pussy. This inner marriage has allowed me to feel more love than I could have ever imagined. I worked with Guy on a whim, didn’t know what I was even looking for. I went on faith that my body needed something more; something that’ll allow her to live more fully. And let me tell you, I found it. I found my self deep in my yearning. I found myself laid prostrate in deep expression of silent gratitude for my life! No words, none of my nervous energy, not even the overwhelming flames that power out of control could ever amount to this what I found.

Thank you Guy, because of our work together, I can love a little more. I can also believe in my self enough to create practical steps in coming out more to the world! There is so much more I can say. So much came up in our sessions. If you want to get in touch with your rawness, your power, and your love, Guy is the guy!”

–Emily (New York, NY)


"It was extremely healing and important work. It was all directed by me but guided by you. You listened to me and my body and my energy."

–Carly (Edmonton, CA)


“I have thought back many times to the experience I had with you, the sense of opening and awakening, the connection to a part of self that I had not yet allowed myself to really explore.  Your incredible kindness, patience, passion, intuitiveness—how with you I could let down a guard I did not know I have kept in place.  It has caused me to yearn to be connected in masculine energy where I am able to feel entirely free, uninhibited, where my body and mind are savored, where I can let go and be fully present, where I can be entirely in my feminine energy with someone who can not only fully meet me in it, but who can enjoy that experience in gratitude as well.“

–J (Atlanta, GA)


"It was beautiful to feel safe and like a woman in your skillful hands. Surrendering and trusting the masculine in you was easier than I thought."

–Sandra (Tokyo, Japan)


"Guy is a powerful and sensitive man.  I get to relax when I am in his presence and feel safe and comfortable being my true self around him.  He's very skilled with the feminine body and infuses his touch and his presence with love."

–Lauren (New York, NY)

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